Sanmina Israel: A Single Source for Advanced Manufacturing Services

Nir Marko
Nir Marko

VP of Business Development, Sanmina Israel

Israel is a nation with a lot of new ideas and technologies. Sanmina’s facility in Ma’alot has capitalized on this innovation to become a leading contract manufacturer since it’s inception in 2003, partnering with well known brands on the design and development of complex electronic products.

In the medical device sector, Sanmina Israel is considered the leading contract manufacturer, collaborating with many major medical companies on products like surgical robots, MRI and CT scan products, medical instruments and exoskeletons. We also provide a complete range of services for products across the semiconductor and industrial markets. For example, we build very complicated, large-scale industrial printers that are used for fabric printing.

With nearly 800 employees, we are also very proud of the longevity and commitment of our staff in Ma’alot. Many employees average at least 10 years with the company. Even more impressive, 50 percent of employees at the facility are women, with roles at both the staff and senior management levels.

Sanmina’s manufacturing plant in Israel is adept at high level assembly and testing of complex electronic products.

Handling Manufacturing Complexity for Our Customers

Sanmina Israel’s value is that we offer a wide range of technology and services from a single campus. This enables fast and efficient production of high quality products on behalf of our customers, so that they can spend their time focusing on their core competencies, like IP. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Integrated & advanced manufacturing services. One of the areas we excel at is the high level assembly and testing of complex electronic products. Over the years, we’ve added a lot of capabilities. We provide a truly integrated manufacturing offering with the capability to handle precision machining, enclosure fabrication, frame welding and painting and complex printed circuit board assembly, all from a single campus. This saves a great deal of time and energy for our customers, as they only have to deal with one main entity to have their system built.
  • Supply chain management. Sanmina Israel can manage all of the multiple supplier relationships needed to build complex products. You can imagine the high level of communications and coordination required to build a product that contains hundreds or even thousands of components. Then consider all of the purchasing administration, delivery timeline agreements and forecasting that must be proactively managed to build and deliver a product on time. Add to this complexity, the expertise required to navigate unexpected issues like resolving component shortages. By handling all aspects of the supply chain, we ensure the continuity of supply for our customers, while reducing their costs.
  • Lifecycle management. The Ma’alot team engages very early on with customers often before the prototyping phase, to help customers with all of the engineering documentation and manufacturing drawings required to create the first prototypes. Then, we help them build the right infrastructure and incorporate lean processes to ensure a very efficient production process that can deliver high yields. By closely managing the entire lifetime of a product, our team is intimately familiar with products from their inception, all the way from design, prototyping and NPI to volume manufacturing, fulfillment, repair and end-of-life services.
  • Unparalleled technology expertise. When you bring many different technologies together, particularly if there are a lot of moving parts in a product, you need experts in areas like motion control, alignment and sensor calibration. They must ensure that different tolerances from various components operate seamlessly together within a higher level assembly, according to customer specifications. Our engineers are some of the best and the brightest in the field. They ensure that these complex products operate with the highest possible quality and performance.

To learn more about our offerings in Ma’alot, please watch this video.