Celebrating Black Belt Certifications at Sanmina Penang

Bachik Hussein
Bachik Hussein

Senior Industrial Engineer, Sanmina Penang

It’s been twelve years since Chan Chun Mun joined Sanmina’s facility in Penang, Malaysia. As an industrial engineer, he must deeply understand customer requirements related to demand and assembly processes, in order to design the operator loading system in a way that ensures production activity will fulfill customer demand. After designing a few options, choosing the final layout involves carefully balancing the parameters that matter most and applying the lean principle of waste reduction. Once the preferred layout is selected, the next week or two are dedicated to setting up production lines according to the preferred design.

Chan’s task at Sanmina Penang is extremely important. Any imprecise decisions made during the production line design would most likely go unnoticed at first, but would increase manufacturing costs in the long run. Sanmina is acutely aware of these challenges and provides world class training to employees like Chan so that they can make the most optimized decisions to ensure operations are cost effective in ways that benefit both Sanmina and its customers.

Sanmina Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
Sanmina’s Lean Six Sigma Program includes an intensive training process and mentors that help guide employees through the curriculum.

Intensive Lean Six Sigma Program ensures Excellence

Sanmina has a Structured Lean Six Sigma Program and employees are required to attend various classroom training sessions, depending on their desired level of certification. To achieve Lean Six Sigma Black Belt status, they must complete fifty training modules that include Problem Solving Methodology, Lean Principles, Statistical Tools, Creative Thinking, Leadership and Change Management. These modules incorporate online and classroom training that require exams to test the competency of candidates after the modules are completed.

Sanmina’s curriculum also requires that candidates complete projects that result in significant cost savings. During these interactive sessions, they are matched with Master Black Belts who mentor them through the problem solving phases as they learn to apply the correct skills and tools. The mentors ensure that candidates not only understand the right approaches to take in various scenarios but also cultivate awareness about any assumptions they have the could cause roadblocks. They also make sure that students know exactly when to apply the right tools to help achieve cost savings.

Once these projects are completed, the candidates must write an official report that is reviewed by the Global LSS committee. Candidates that meet various criteria are awarded black belt status. Most recently, the LSS Committee recognized three new Black Belts at Sanmina Penang: Chan Chun Mun, Industrial Engineer, Chong Wei Ying, Industrial Engineer and Goh Pei Fen, Supplier Quality Engineer.

Sanmina recognizes that employees are the most important asset we have for ensuring Sanmina’s continued success. Equipping them with the best knowledge and skills enables the company to provide world class service to our customers when it comes to quality, cost and delivery. Congratulations to our recent Black Belts!

Congratulations to our new Black Belts: Goh Pei Fen, Chan Chun Mun and Chong Wei Ying.