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Shoring Up Sourcing Strategies for the Future

Recent crisis such as the pandemic, extreme weather events and material shortages are incenting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to take a fresh look at their sourcing strategies. Their main objective is to try and balance short-term cost savings with reduced risk over the long term. While leveraging low cost manufacturing in distant regions was embraced… Read More »

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The High Stakes World of Medical Device Repair

The latest advances in medical devices and equipment are changing the way the medical community and patients manage health and disease. For patients waiting for results from blood tests or nasal swabs, highly-complex fluid analysis equipment provides results faster than ever, which is critical for containing infectious diseases like COVID-19 or identifying and treating other… Read More »

Driving Innovation in Irish Medtech

For a country of 5 million people, Ireland has punched above its weight over the past few decades in the global medtech industry. Many years ago, Ireland recognized that both research and development (R&D) and innovation were critical to medtech’s success. In addition to providing financial support via research, development and innovation tax credits, the… Read More »

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Finding the Right EMS Partner for Medical Device Innovation

As technology innovation, personalized medicine and regulatory oversight have increased over the years, medical device companies have transferred the complexities of building products to EMS providers, so that they can remain focused on developing product IP. EMS providers have risen to the challenge, becoming a trusted partner in all aspects of manufacturing operations.  Leading EMS… Read More »