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Sanmina manufactures a variety of products for the world's most recognized automotive suppliers and contract design partners.
Sanmina's IATF 16949 compliant manufacturing processes are used in making automobiles like this one.

Sanmina has over 20 years automotive electronic manufacturing experience

and is fully compliant with all regulatory standards and processes including IATF 16949
Sanmina has expertise across the entire ecosystem of automotive manufacturing.


Automotive Eco-System Expertise

Driving Tomorrow's Solutions

Sanmina’s expertise in automotive systems, advanced communications and microlectronics is driving tomorrow’s automotive solutions in partnership with the world’s leading automotive OEMs and their electronic system suppliers.
Sanmina manufactures electric charging stations and other items for tomorrow's automotive industry.
Sanmina's extensive expertise in automation is used to manufacture many automotive subassemblies.

Fully Automated Production

Sanmina has extensive automation experience and has deployed multiple “no touch” automated production lines for automotive subassemblies. Our cloud based MES enables real-time, remote visibility of production and quality KPI’s.

The Importance of Quality Control

We understand the specific quality requirements of the automotive industry and have incorporated stringent manufacturing and quality procedures based on IATF 16949 compliance, lean manufacturing, six sigma and zero defect initiatives.
Proven and refined over 20 years, our quality management system ensures robust manufacturing through features including: 
• Forced Routings
• Operation Verification
• Component Verification & Traceability

Sanmina's proven quality management expertise is in use throughout the world with our cloud MES.


Global IATF 16949 Facilities 


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